About 90% of teenagers in the US own an iPhone

The youngest is also at Apple!

by Gabriela Martinez on iPhone

It is well known that iPhone is one of the most popular devices in the world. However, at least in the United States, a very specific group represents the largest percentage of users. According to a survey shared by investment firm Piper Sandler, 90% of teens have an iPhone.

The results of the biannual survey for several years also make it clear that the demand for devices with the bitten apple logo has doubled in the last decade. In 2012, only 40% of young people in this country own an iPhone.

Teens already own their favorite smartphones

This year’s survey Surveyed 14,500 adolescents with an average age of 15.8 in 47 statesappeared now 87% of teens surveyed own an iPhoneaccording to the results and 88% of teens expect an ‘iPhone’ to be their next phone. Several factors come together for this fact, according to experts:

Given the mature market for premium smartphones, we believe high penetration and intent are important. Also, these trends are encouraging as the company continues to introduce new iPhones that could provide a significant upgrade in the product cycle. As the installed base of Apple hardware continues to grow, we believe these positive trends can be a catalyst for further growth in services.

About 90% of teenagers in the US own an iPhone

Of course, while the iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the United States, other Apple devices have not performed so well. The survey revealed that Apple Watch is less popularonly 31% of teens own an Apple wristband device.

And this Apple Watch SE is the most popular smartwatch among teenagers. 36.8% of teens reported owning a smartwatch, so only 5.8% own a non-Apple Watch.

Although the latter is not surprising. Apple launched the Apple Watch SE in 2020 to offer almost the same experience to its bigger siblings at a more affordable price point.brings a traditionally high-cost device closer to a segment that would be interested in purchasing the device.

While the report doesn’t reveal which iPhone model is the most popular among teens, Apple’s affordable options and the models’ estimated lifecycle leave enough choice for this consumer group to make decision-making easier.

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