The American company Apple, with the technological developments in its devices, appears before us in the last months of every year, especially the iPhone, the hero that brand lovers expect the most.

According to ‘Bloomberg’ media, these innovative devices It will be released on September 7 this year. and the iMac, iPad, will include four versions of the phone and three of the Apple Watch.

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According to details released by journalist Mark Gurman, who is known for revealing tech news before it’s official release, the company said: will remove the iPhone mini from the new line of 2022 While there won’t be a Pro version like its predecessors, with the aim of replacing it with a 6.7-inch display model that includes the high-end ones.

There would be big changes in the aesthetics of the mobile phone, because the basic the elders would have disappeared notch -The module located at the top of the screen of a smartphone- is characterized by two small circular holes to be used as a front camera and a Face ID sensor that works for face unlock.

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In its operational update, the new models will feature the A16 chip, which will improve the speed and fluidity of the device. Again, The iPhone 14, not part of the Pro series, would have the A15This is the previous year’s version.

For photography lovers, The Pro series will improve its camera with 48 megapixelstelephoto sensor – zoom for stills or video without losing image quality – and 12 MP ultra-wide angle – including smaller focal length to get a larger angle of view.

Gürman announced that the watches will not change much from their predecessors. However, its most advanced models will focus on athletes, because will integrate a body temperature sensor and some sports functions This will cooperate with users’ physical activity.

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According to ‘Bloomberg’, The launch of the new device series will be on September 16, 2022that is, nine days after Apple will launch its new products.

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