Apple has announced that starting with iOS 17.4, iPhone owners in the European Union will be able to store apps outside of the App Store.

The company says developers will be able to “offer their iOS apps for download from alternative marketplaces.” Apple also released an API for creating alternative marketplaces – including app stores.

Apple will not receive a commission on apps offered in these stores.

But developers entering the stores must pay 0.5 euros for each app installation after crossing the 1 million downloads threshold. According to Apple, this build will pay less than 1% of developers per year because 99% of apps don’t require the 1 million installs per year threshold.

Topic: Apple explained why it allowed the installation of applications not from the App Store only in the European Union.

Also in iOS 17.4 there is a new application interface that will be displayed when the user installs a program not from the App Store.

Apple will scan all apps, no matter where they were downloaded from. At the back, this will be either an automatic check or a manual check with the help of moderators.

The process of installing external store applications.

Digital purchases in apps that were not downloaded from the App Store will be made on the developer’s website through links in the native apps.

In addition, Apple has changed the commission for developers in Europe. Now the following conditions are met:

▪️ Commission 10% configured for most applications after the first year in the App Store

▪️ Commissions are paid for digital purchases and services. 17%

▪️ Cash processing fee 3%

All these changes are already available in the first beta version of iOS 17.4. [Apple]

Source: Iphones RU

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