It went viral in Mexico The story of 85-year-old Don Rogelio Veina, artistically known as ‘El Mostrenco’‘, an old man pretending to sing at the Fresnillo National Fair, Zacatecas state, on August 29. But those who went to see the man could be counted on the fingers of one hand. Not many people attended.

Images shared on social networks show the man dressed as a mariachi. noticed the absence of the public during the staging.

Despite the sadness on Don Rogelio’s face, He went on with the show and did his job as if he were in front of a crowd.

“Yesterday I said ‘singing’. Noone was there. Well, the police there applauded and there were two, three or four people there.” He told local media, “I couldn’t suspend my representative because it made it look bad.”

This caused outrage in the networks and Many netizens wanted to be given a new opportunity to perform, but with a bigger call.

According to the newspaper ‘Milenio’, the story has caught the eye of festival organizers, and given the clamor of people on the internet for ‘El Mostrenco’ to get a second chance at a performance, In the end, they decided to put Don Rogelio as the opening scene for Gerardo Ortiz, one of the most important artists of the popular genre. Mexican.

“He (Ortíz) has a daughter in Germany and tells her, ‘Hey dad. Don Rogelio has already hit it,” he said before returning to the stage in front of a larger crowd on August 30.

The singer experienced the excitement of appearing in front of thousands of people for the first time in his 35-year music career.because before he started to sing, he reserved a few words in public.

(Also: Mom from ‘Epa Colombia’ states that the criticisms against her daughter are out of jealousy).

“Good night; how different this scenario looks!” He said ‘El Mostrenco’ in front of the crowd that greeted him with applause, then stopped and listened to the 85-year-old artist’s words.

“Yesterday I went here and there alone, but I fulfilled my commitment. Now I’m really surprised because the spark has grown so much.”He got it.


In the end, Don Rogelio managed to present himself as he expected, and during his role he did not stop thanking God and Ortiz for the opportunity. Moreover, The public gave him special appreciation for his participation.

But that didn’t stop at the festival, as the mayor of Fresnillo, Saúl Monrreal Ávila, spoke about it on his social networks.

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“We have shown once again that Fresnillo is the place of noble people, and Don Rogelio will be presented with all his talent to ‘El Mostrenco’ to open Gerardo Ortíz’s concert, as we all want it,” the official said in a statement via his social networks.

Later on, The same artist confirmed that he has received calls from groups for his upcoming projects: “A group from Jeréz has already contacted me who wanted to meet and talk to me. They will play in Ojocaliente on September 6th (September) and they want to know what my chances are of going”.

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Source: Exame

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