fall out In my opinion, this is the most cinematic Bethesda franchise. A few years ago, Amazon Prime Video finally decided to give us the joy of bringing video games to the small screen. today we can say that their first (unofficial) images are already here.

Collider managed to get some exclusive images from the set fall out. How do we know for sure that we are talking about a video game? Featuring the recognizable Super Duper Martone of the supermarkets destroyed by the apocalypse that we have seen in various versions of video games.

Apart from the destroyed supermarket, we can also see some remnants of the old world before the Great War. Among them are vehicles of various types. Of course, at the moment it doesn’t seem like much more, and that’s everything seems to indicate that the set is still in preparation. The person in charge of image filtering in Collider comments that the filming location is in Staten Island, in the coastal New York area. Will this be the final location of the series?

Amazon decided to stick to the clear symbolism of the franchise fall out in his series. The appearance of Super Duper Mart, along with its iconic logo, is a good sign for those who love adaptations that are close to the original content.

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For now, we know that Geneva Robertson-Dworet will take the lead. showrunner and executive producer. Both positions will also be shared with Graham Wagner. Geneva Robertson-Dworet already has experience in adapting video games for the screen, and this participated as a writer in tomb Raidermovie released in 2018. Wagner, on the other hand, has been involved as a co-executive producer on Captain Marvel D Silicon Valley.

Jonathon Nolan (brother of Christopher Nolan), who He has already participated in such series as Western world HBO to take over directing pilot episode fall out for Prime Video. In addition, he will be involved as an executive producer through Kilter Films.

As for the show’s talent, Ella Purnell from lasso, and Walton Goggins of justified D tomb Raiderwill be part of the distribution fall out. Kyle MacLachlan, iconic Detective Cooper Twin Peaks, will also appear in the series; along with Aaron Moten and Xelia Mendes-Jones. However, it is not yet known what roles each of them will play.

when will it be released fall out officially? These very specific details are still unknown. However, we can’t wait to hear the magnificent intro with the famous phrase fall out“War. War never changes.”

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