Apple launched the iPhone 14 at this year’s Apple Event. Along with the features of the new mobile phone came a big discussion: the mandatory use of eSIM for devices to be sold in the United States. While this is only focused on US territory, for now, How will this technology affect the people or companies that bring their mobile phones from that country?

The use of eSIM is not exclusive to Apple and is not something that has been created recently. Already in 2016, this technology was presented during the GSMA (Global System for Mobile Communications) Mobile World Congress, which brings together the most important operators and device manufacturers.

Major operators around the world such as AT&T, Telefónica or Orange, along with manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple, Huawei, LG, Microsoft or Sony, have supported the use of eSIM in mobile phones. In this way, the virtual SIM would gain ground in new devices manufactured from that year. Also, this technology is not exclusive to mobile phones as it can be used in smartwatches and other devices.

eSIM is the SIM card we all know but which will be inserted into the mobile phone. Well, We will no longer need to insert this chip every time we buy a mobile phone, change our number or operator.

This works virtually and saves space on the device as it will no longer have the tray to insert the SIM. They currently measure 6x5mm and have the same thickness as the nanoSIM (0.67mm). So every time we change mobile phones, we will forget to insert the card. Only the number is associated with the application you use through the operator and that’s it.

According to Obed Meléndez, CEO of FEXPRESS, he’s tried eSIM first hand with a phone company, so it’s easy and safe to use: Waoo. “You download the app for Android and iOS and they gave me the steps.

They ask you to verify your DNI or identity document, scan your face to confirm that the line will really be on your behalf and that you are the person.

“This looks great to me because with the physical chip a third party can get it. Anyone can pull out a chip without having to verify the subject of the data. In this case, they verify the DNI and biometric data with a face. The system gives you ‘ok’ and you get a username and password. creates,” he assures.

Also, with the use of eSIM, people do not have to go or call operators for information on plans or costs, besides the fact that two numbers can be used on the same device.

“Within the app, they have a certain number of plans to choose from. I tried a basic one. And right now I have two options. I have a number from one operator and another. One is virtual, the other is physical,” adds Meléndez.

Also, iPhone gives you the option to choose which data and which carrier you want to use. “You get all of this in the iPhone 13’s menu. I disconnected my WiFi and tried. With data, with searches, everything is fine. So far, it’s been working great,” he says.

The advantage is also when you want to change operators because you no longer have to buy a new chip or go to an agent. “You have the option of portability. I said, ‘I want to give you my number,’ and they said, ‘It’s okay, sir, we’ll put your number’”, he says.

Also, it works exactly like a SIM. In other words, although the eSIM name and description indicates that you need the internet to use it, in reality this is not the case. Even if you don’t have data or WiFi access, you can call another number without any inconvenience.

For Meléndez, the virtual SIM card has no features. “This is new for me, but I don’t see a downside right now. On the contrary,” he says. “In the case of Apple, it will reduce space. They always try to use less space in their team and do not leave room in it.they can use it for other things,” he adds.

Although the eSIM is a physical device, it doesn’t need as much space as a regular SIM would. This is because it does not need to be input or output by users, like a processor or any other part of existing mobile phones. Well, You don’t need tools like trays, locks and metal pins to get inside.. It is part of the device and is invisible to the naked eye.

Telephone companies will have to adapt to the new technology. “Most likely, the big operators will also do it. Because the electronic chip issue is not very complicated. They will definitely catch up with the trend,” he says.

This will be important for those who purchase products from the United States. “Movistar in Ecuador already offers eSIM. If Apple removes it, others will catch up,” he assures. None of the operators considered “big” in Peru have this service, but as Meléndez points out, they will have to adapt to the trend as the months go by.

Claro launched the esim for Apple Watch Cellular in Colombia in 2018, meaning you can go out to do other activities like cycling or jogging, leave your cell phone at home and answer or make a call. Even if it’s hundreds of kilometers an hour away.

For mobile phones, all it takes is a Claro CAV -Attention and Service Center- and Considering the phone models that support it, we kindly ask you to change your line from normal sim card to virtual card..

Users can have several virtual sims on your phone, for example in case of dual sim in iPhones, there can be one virtual sim for personal line and another regular sim for corporate line.

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Source: Exame

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