Google today launched a security plan to protect users from real threats posed by artificial intelligence (AI). The Secure AI Framework (SAIF) is like a guide still in development.

The protocol has six elements so far. Two of these are about expanding organizations’ security framework to include AI threats. There is another point in integrating technology to defend against its peers.

The plan continues with the security benefits of “control structures” and Two aspects of continuous auditing, evaluation and testing of AI applications.

“Even as people look for more advanced approaches, they should remember to get the basics right, too,” Phil Venables, head of information security at Google Cloud, told the portal. axles.

Google is embracing SAIF in big tech and the framework can be copied by others. But due to industry competition, The protocol may not be followed by companies like OpenAi for example. ChatGPT.

Source: Tec Mundo

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