‘Diva of Colombia’, Amparo GrisalesHe has gained wide recognition thanks to his long career in the media as an actor and presenter of major productions.

It has been on screen for decades and has appeared for the first time in ‘El Gallo de Oro’, an adaptation of Mexican writer Juan Rulfo’s famous literary work.

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Since the beginning of his career and now 65 years old, The actress from Manizales dazzled with her beauty, to remain in excellent physical condition, to face all his projects.

Amparo tries to be very careful in his private life. It was thought for a while that she would be having an affair with presenter Ernesto Calzadilla; But that situation has passed and this time “La Diva de Colombia” wanted to talk a little bit about the man who will be her new partner, she.

already through social networks She posted a photo of a man who, according to her, is Tommy, a handsome Brazilian, lying on his chest.

He said in several interviews that they see each other whenever they get the chance. It seems he sometimes goes to Brazil or comes to Colombia. According to the actor, this is not an obstacle to forming a strong bond.

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“It’s great to be in love,” he said, noting that it’s also better to have Tommy than to have an Oscar.

Few details are known about this person. The actress, who did not want to give more details about herself, justified several people by saying, “Many people believe that I am single, I have no one, but I have a beautiful love,” and “I will lose if I tell”. comments on the subject.

Swipe to see a photo of the actress with her boyfriend (third image).

Additionally, the actress, who wore a beautiful wedding dress on her Instagram account a few months ago, wrote on the post: “Can I say yes? Or I regret it at the last moment and run away…”, which caused many to think that it would be a new marriage for the actress.

Faced with this, Amparo went out to explain that she was working for “Wedding Fest” in Barranquilla and therefore wore a wedding dress to promote a designer’s brand.


Source: Exame

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