The U.S. Department of Agriculture has officially recognized the safety and health benefits of purple tomatoes created by artificial gene editing. This is the development of two British scientists, Cathy Martin and Jonathan Jones, who, due to bureaucratic problems, are transferred to their own research in the United States. And now the world has been granted permission for the commercial use of plants with genkimai .f

The main property of purple tomatoes is a tenfold increase in the concentration of anthocyanins. These substances cause the purple color of plants, but are also effective antioxidants. Their health benefits are so great that it is quite difficult to describe them. Here is one of the cases – gnaw with the terminal stage p p p p p p

For humans, anthocyanins are very useful, but the problem is that all over the world p p p. Therefore, Martin and Jones extracted the necessary genes from snapdragon plants and introduced them. Years of Research Shows They Boost Immunity and Fight Chronic Disease

Alas, the issued permit does not allow to flood the worlds characteristic of purple tomatoes. Currently, the authors are conducting research on limiting the sale of seeds, as well as limiting individual producers. users.

Source: Tech Cult

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