Barking is the way dogs usually communicate with other dogs, animals or people.

This way of expression can vary with the dog’s demeanor, as tone, frequency and volume are some easily visible signs for interpreting and understanding the animal.

So dogs bark for different reasons and Getting an idea of ​​what they want to convey will depend on the way they do it and their body expressions: fear, anger, desire to play, or hunger.According to the ‘Experto Animal’ portal, he specializes in veterinary health.

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However, the reason why some dogs tend to bark repeatedly at certain people is little known. It’s pretty repetitive though.

One of the reasons why dogs can bark at a person repeatedly their perception of them, that is, whether they like that person or not.

Felipe Vázquez Montoto, a Spanish veterinarian at the CatDog Center, explained to the animal care portal ‘Wamiz’. He compared this attitude to similar behaviors that humans have: “The same thing happens with dogs as with humans. There are people you love more and people you love more. Well they are the same. Dogs don’t like people, so to speak.”


In more detail, the veterinarian explains that a person’s scent, mobility, and self-expression are decisive factors in perceiving a person: “Why is he doing this? Well, it can fit the scents, the way you walk, the way people express themselves, their body expressions…”.

Dogs are animals that tend to be territorial, so they react as soon as they feel any discomfort in their habitat. Self-preservation instincts make them react differently, and this will be reflected in the barking.

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“Dogs tend to be very territorial and often bark at people they don’t know, especially when they invade their safety zone, so to speak,” he explained.

Other causes that can be associated with these behaviors of dogs include: To draw attention to fear or anger, for some traumatic experience with that person.

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Source: Exame

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