Earlier this Wednesday, on the road from Bogotá to Mesitas, the unfortunate fact became known that an Aveo car with license plate RMW 778 in red and Bogota crashed into the abyss from the viewpoint of San Pacho.

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According to initial hypotheses, the vehicle was driven by trader Germán Lino Segura Franco, A native of San Antonio del Tequendama, returning from Soacha after visiting his wife and two children.

“He left at midnight to return to his home in San Antonio. They do not currently live together because he works in Bogota and it is easier for him to be in Soacha,” a relative of the man told EL TIEMPO.

According to the information received from the authorities, the owner of a restaurant in that tourist area is accompanied by another person whose identity is not yet known.

Regarding a possible version of suicide, his relative denied it, noting that Gerardo Segura did not have any manifestations of this pathology. “I think we would have noticed if he had depression issues. He talked to the brother the night before and was excited about the various activities planned for the weekend.”

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However, he believes high speed may be one of the reasons for what he sees as an accident. “Workers in the area told us that the weather was falling too fast,” he added.

On Wednesday night, firefighters from Soacha and Cundinamarca work to recover the body of the trader and the person who appears to have been accompanying him. “We found a difficult area of ​​access,” they said.

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The Traffic Police decided that the vehicle entered the cliff backwards, as predicted. “We did not find any brake marks on the site. A vehicle driven in the early morning hours by a man who apparently made the decision or lost consciousness and fell asleep, but for now everything is subject to investigation,” said Transit and Soacha Transport.


Source: Exame

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