view Undoubtedly it is one of the most important and recognized brands worldwide, which causes many users to get creative with their interpretations on different devices.

In this case, the app developer who used the illustration generator was Steve Troughton-Smith. Stable Release to reimagine the legendary Macintosh

Stable Diffusion is an image generator based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and it uses the text to create new drawings, that is, it uses the text to create an image from it.

through their social networks, Troughton-Smith He shared some of his favorite results and showed that every image has a new graphic suggestion.

In another post, she showed off even more designs. ipod. One of the recently unpublished articles that left its mark on several generations view.

The developer tweeted a brief description of the process: “The ad was the ’70s iPod architectural sketch, Dieter Rams, Braun,’ and the source image was a marketing photo of the original iPod.”

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Source: Exame

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