Yandex.Arenda released an application that allows you to rent an insured apartment without collateral for a long time, as well as rent housing. All procedures are completely online, a service representative told RB.RU.

Yandex launched an application for renting and renting apartments completely online

The tenant can find a suitable offer, taking into account the price, location and other parameters. The apartment can be viewed remotely – professional photos and 3D virtual tours are available. Through the app, you can enter into a contract, sign documents, and make payments.

The tenant will also be notified when it is time to pay and submit meter readings.

The apartment owner can apply through the app and manage all key rental processes. The service itself prepares a photo and 3D tour, and also searches for tenants. Ad display statistics will be displayed in your account.

Questionnaires from potential tenants are also available there: the owner can choose a suitable candidate, draw up all the necessary documents, including insurance, and then monitor the receipt of monthly payments.

The service is free for the owner. The tenant pays only the amount indicated in the ad: the monthly commission is 7% and is already included in the rental price.

Now you can rent and rent an apartment with the “Rent” application in Moscow and the Moscow Region, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.


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Source: RB

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