In the program after the incident that occurred on this 13 October day by day, A heavy rain of criticism fell on presenter Carolina Cruzwho is left shock with the fainting of one of the guests

The reaction of Carolina Soto, another host of the show and friend of Cruz, was quick and immediate. Again, Caleña acted differently before the event.

María, one of the main female protagonists of the game Little Prince, crashed to the ground at the end of his presentation, causing great anxiety throughout the recording set. In fact, the program had to take a commercial break to provide him with help and first aid.

“We experienced an inconvenience that left us all as we are” shock. María had an accident, but luckily she is fine,” she said. day by day, after returning from ads. “Everything is fine, thank God,” Soto concluded.

The moment María lost consciousness was recorded and shared on social networks.

It didn’t take long for Internet users to talk about the issue and the reaction Carolina Cruz got.

“A glass eye moves more than those presenters, how sad”, “You can see the empathy of that Carolina Cruz lady”, “She’s sitting on the couch, feeling no connection to what’s in front of her eyes.”, “Carolina Cruz is laughing and Mr Black is so calm” were some of the comments. .

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Faced with a wave of criticism, Carolina Cruz responded via her Instagram stories.

“Not all people react the same way. Thank god Carolina Soto wasn’t blocked because I’m stuck inside shock“, Wrote.

She also added: “If that’s why I’m a lousy woman; Well, it can’t be, that’s how I am”.

Finally, the presenter thanked that María was fine after she passed out.

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