It’s become a routine for some fans to find Predictions from old episodes of The Simpsons from events in the present.

The most recent one has to do with the event of the year, the World Cup, which kicks off on November 20 in Qatar.

At least that’s how fans of the series see it, according to the production this will be the next champion.

(You can read: ‘The Simpsons’: the most accurate ‘predictions’ of the iconic series).

At the 2014 Cup, the series allegedly ‘predicted’ Neymar’s injury after a shootout with Colombia’s Camilo Zuñiga.

Now, the “prediction” of the series would come true in the same 16th episode of season 25.

In the recording in question, they referred to a world final where Brazil and Spain debated the title. Brazil won this match. For this reason, the fans assure that the ‘canarinho’ team will be the champion according to the series.


Source: Exame

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