What seemed like a dubious rumor a few weeks ago will eventually come true. Messi, Neymar and Pogbaall of them are widely known in the world of football, debut in Call of Duty as playable characters. In particular, they will attend multiplayer Modern Warfare 2 And in war zone 2. The first one is already available, and the royal battle will wait until the next one on November 16th.

Obviously we are facing unprecedented cooperation per Call of Duty. Although we know that the video game is also popular with many football players, some of them have not been given the opportunity to become operators. However, when the World Cup in Qatar knocked on the door, Activision made an effort to make the aforementioned figures possible. In fact, they will be the first known faces in Modern Warfare 2 D war zone 2.

“Paul Pogba, Neymar and Messi are getting ready for a new type of game,” the official account says. Twitter from Call of Duty. The message is also accompanied by an image showing each player’s combat gear. Be careful because Messi has managed to present his personal brand, which is not common in Call of Duty — or in any other video game —. You can be sure that a third of the players received a considerable amount of money to get on this train, although the numbers were not disclosed.

In the recent past filtering has already given us the appearances of Pogba and Neymar in Modern Warfare 2 D war zone 2. The one they have managed to keep secret is that of Messi, perhaps the most anticipated of all due to what the Argentine star represents around the world. You can see the leaked skins below:

Now we will most likely have to open a portfolio to get these character skins. We don’t know if they will be sold as individual packs in the store. Call of Duty, or vice versa, they will be included in the Battle Pass exclusive content. Recall that season 1 Modern Warfare 2 D war zone 2 It will start on November 16, so we will have more information about it before that date.

The important point is that in the case of Neymar, he is no stranger to collaborating with shooting games. The Brazilian was a way for a while PUBGone of battle royale the most popular on the market. Of course, his face did not move to the playing field, something similar will happen with Call of Duty.

Will there be controversy over how the three players distribute shots in war zone 2? Do not doubt. We tend to associate them with sports titles, so more than one person won’t like a surprise appearance in a completely different adult-oriented genre.

Source: Hiper Textual

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