It was learned that the Venezuelan singer passed away this Thursday after rumors that he would be discharged. Chyno Miranda was transferred from the Tía Panchita clinic in Caracas, Venezuela to another health center. after a review by a civil court.

Irrael Gómez shared a video of the singer leaving the venue. he stated The center where Miranda was located did not have the most favorable conditions to serve her..


The singer will remain in a private clinic, although rumors of her discharge are circulating this week. It was also known that his girlfriend, Astrid Falcón, asked the health center for help from Gómez to replace the artist.

It seems that Chyno’s family plans to sue the Tía Panchita clinic for not allowing the singer to visit, according to the newspaper. 2001. Former employees of the medical center told the media that the singer was not mistreated, she received the same treatment as other patients.

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Because of the way of treatment, Chyno Miranda could only receive visits from her mother and cousin.she was allowed to communicate with the singer daily via messages or phone calls, who was in charge of her once a week.

The singer had been hospitalized at the clinic since December last year. He contracted covid-19 after 2020 and subsequently suffered from peripheral neuropathy followed by encephalitis.


Source: Exame

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