Bogota’s mayor, Claudia López, posted a series of photos of the operation of the city’s Metropolitan Police on Saturday night. The arrest of the man identified on TransMilenio as the alleged perpetrator of the sexual abuse of a minor, It caused a great wave of public indignation after the youth announced the horrors he experienced due to his crime and the negligence of the authorities in handling the case on social networks.

“Just be fair, not another one”, mayor Claudia López announcing the face of the captured subject. Minutes ago, the capital’s mayor had reacted to the news of the arrest, saying, “We are working tirelessly in Bogota and in coordination for everyone’s safety.”


Regional Security Secretary Aníbal Fernández de Soto assured that the arrest of the alleged abuser has taken place.As a result of Operation Santa María Goretti, which involved a raid and search in Usaquén. The arrested man was placed at the disposal of the authorities to further the legalization of the arrest.

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In response, General Carlos Fernando Triana Beltrán, commander of the Bogota Police, said that “once again we are responding quickly to our citizens” and released a new image of the man who was detained.

She was harassed by the man identified by the authorities at the TransMilenio La Castellana station, according to complaints shared by the minor on 31 October on her social networks.

Story Hilary depicts being threatened with a gun by the man, forcing her to move to an area away from other users and forcing her to have oral sex.. The young woman managed to escape from the attacker when two men approached. This caused the attacker to flee, and strangers who approached the little one joined in.This event caused protests by various feminist groups throughout the week, blocking public transport services at La Castellana, Polo, Calle 72 and Calle 76 stations.

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Source: Exame

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