There are a few differences between Twitter and Mastodon, and now with the first one being bought by Elon Musk, many users see the second social network as a haven and alternative.

To begin with, the Mastodon website is a message-open, non-for-sale, no-fees social network that hasn’t changed its terms over the past six years. It currently has more than 655,000 users, plus 230,000 attended last week.

The idea is similar, it’s a microblogging network, users write posts called ‘toots’ that can be replied to, liked and republished; Some of the biggest differences are in the number of characters and the themes here are grouped into servers.

There are categories of servers, after creating your account it will ask you to sign up for one and it depends on your interests, It can be city, sport, country, technology or games.

It’s okay to follow a user from another category, it just acts as a guide to know what to write about. Some servers even ask for donations for specific reasons.

Another difference is that there are no advertisements here, but nothing prevents you from writing an article promoting a company or product.

If you want to manage a server, you can do that and set your rules.but this also allows many bots or hateful content to spread faster.

When choosing a server, remember that it becomes part of your username, like an email. For example: If your name is Twitter and you choose Colombia server, your username will be @[email protected]. And that way it can be found on another server, but you only need to know its name if it’s on the same server.

Unlike Twitter, Mastodon does not suggest followers you might be interested in, only if you can search for hashtags.

If this option sounds unfamiliar to you, keep in mind that Twitter’s first founder, Jack Dorsey, is working on a new social network. blue skyjust have to wait

Musk-era Twitter has already undergone the first changes

Does Meta agree with major Twitter layoffs? it is known

Source: Exame

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