Hours after determining that his death would be a murder, Close friends of Juan Pablo González Gómez, the alleged sexual offender of young Hilary Castro, went to Medicinal Legal’s main headquarters in Bogota and exhumed his remains.

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EL TIEMPO was at the closed complex this Tuesday (8 November). The man lived, and the neighbors of the place noted that his sister and a niece had returned to the apartment. Where González was caught by the Police.

somewhere nearby The residents of the complex drew attention to the fact that he was sued recently due to the problems he had with his neighbors.

He had strong arguments for obscene behavior such as pulling down his pants and showing his private parts.. The resident, even members of the housing complex, complained about him,” he said.

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One of her relatives stated that González finished high school in a traditional school in Bogotá in 1998, and her sister graduated from a prestigious university. In one of two profiles on networks left open by the suspected attacker – watched by investigators – he is seen surrounded by several relatives.

And people close to González said that his behavior They said that after the conflict, their relatives were also considering taking legal action regarding what happened.

According to the forensic opinion, González had multiple blows to his body..

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Authorities will be asked to explain what happened at the URI where he died.. And it will be revealed whether Miss Hilary fully recognized González’s face as the attacker,” said a person close to the family.

EL TIEMPO found a relative in the flat, but avoided speaking and waiting for the sister’s response on the measures to be taken by the family.

As this newspaper explains, Juan Pablo González is accused of having violent sex in a petty and qualified, aggravated robbery, He died at 14:12 on Sunday, November 6, in cell 4 on the second floor of the URI.

Inside The official report that EL TIEMPO had access to was talking about a possible murder from the beginning.

Now authorities must determine where the blows González received that could have killed him came from. death and what happened to both its guardians and those who helped it.

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The Police Inspector investigates what happened at the URI that afternoon and examines the security cameras and the list of detainees González was staying with.

According to the Bogota Security Secretariat, The cell has been changed due to the level of aggression.

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Source: Exame

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