Most people are used to taking a shower. Hot water or hot, especially if they live in places with very cold climates. And if they can make bath time more comfortable, why complicate it?

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Some studies claim that taking a shower with very hot water can be hazardous to health in several ways. Most experts recommend taking a bath. warm water -very cold rather than hot- to maintain an optimum quality of life.

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According to a letter written by Leonardo Biolatto, a doctor specializing in Medical Supervision and Family and Outpatient Medicine, bathing in very hot water exceeding 30°C daily can cause: Effects in the body:

one) bran production: hot water to the head facilitates the colonization of the fungus bran human.

two) hair loss: Very hot showers increase the rate of hair loss in men and women due to damage to hair follicles.

4) color change: There may be slight discoloration of both skin and hair due to constant contact with very hot water.

5) Dermatitis: Exposure to high temperatures while bathing in children with dermatitis worsens symptoms. By itself, frequent bathing often exacerbates childhood dermatitis, and much more so if the temperature is not hot.

6) increasing sebum production: The sebaceous glands in the body respond to hot water by producing more oil than normal. In people with acne, this means a risk factor.

7) digestive changes: Vasodilation brings blood to the peripheral areas of the body and removes it from the central areas. If we eat and take a shower right away, digestion will be slower.

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To understand the negative effects of taking a bath with very hot water all the time, it’s okay to ask if the right thing to do is to take a shower with hot water. cold water. In this regard, a study published in the ‘British Journal of Sports Medicine’ concluded that taking a very cold shower reduces the risk of catching a cold by one-third. This was attributed to the metabolic change in temperature on the organism.

It turns out we’re sending signals using cold water. organism to speed up heat generation processes. These processes need energy to create themselves, and this energy comes from the kilocalories used.

Understanding that the midpoint is the balance point, it is recommended to take a bath in warm or lukewarm water. By this we mean some thirty degrees centigrade


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