Controversial verification option Twitter is worth $7.99 disappeared from the app a rogue avalanche They posted controversial Tweets impersonating brands, celebrities, celebrities, and even organizations.

The usability issue that the side-by-side badge had was also an issue and hence the idea. Twitter CEO Elon MuskThe series, which was released on Wednesday this week, lasted only two days.

The extent of the problem with new fake blue brand accounts came as brands like Apple, Nintendo, and even Tesla, a company owned by Musk, started making jokes or controversial statements or announcements.

For example, one of the accounts American pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly and he said “insulin is free now”. Then the company had to go out and reject the false announcement.

Even Eli Lilly’s stock price plunged sharply after the message was published.

Twitter later suspended many fraudulent accounts with blue ticks but struggling to keep up with newly opened accounts. the solution was to terminate the payment optionthen new “official” gray badges were added under some high profile accounts.

Twitter Blue’s return of verification comes at a time when Musk is working to appease employees, advertisers and regulators.

This is how Mastodon works where Twitter users move

If you want to verify your Twitter account, you can pay now.

Source: Exame

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