Freeform: 8 functions you can use with the new Apple app

Discover the new real-time collaboration alternative to the Apple ecosystem.

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Apple plans to release iOS 16.2 and iPadOS 16.2 in mid-December, and the features these updates bring to iPhone and iPad are a real treat.

The company with the bitten apple logo will feature a new sleep tracking widget that will feature on the redesigned iOS 16 Lock Screen and display a graph showing the amount of sleep hours and sleep quality. In addition, new sports Live Events and star hero will also be implemented: an app called freelancing.

Freeform is a real-time collaboration app for iPhone and iPad. It is designed for users to perform functions consisting of the following. share ideas and collaborate on projects online with other individuals. Here’s everything you can do with the Freeform app on your iPhone and iPad.

Freeform: all features available

In this guide, we suggest you take a look at the functionality that the Freeform app of iOS 16.2 and iPadOS 16.2 has prepared for us.

Images, browsers and documents


Add photos and videos in Freeform | Image: MacRumors

Freeform support for all types of documents. apple app, add photos and videos directly from the Photos app but it is also possible to open the camera to take pictures.

users can resize pictures and videos added to the Freeform app with touch gestures as needed.

Additionally, Freeform has the ability to scan documents via iPhone and iPad camera.

On the other hand, links and files are displayed as a small thumbnail with the classic visual style of iOS 16 and iPadOS 16]( all news ).

sticky notes

Freeform’s tools menu also has a small button for adding sticky notes. A should have for real-time collaboration of any project in a workgroup you can include reminders and notifications important to your colleagues.

If you’re an iPad user and have an Apple Pencil, they tell us at Macrumors that it’s possible to write directly on sticky notes with the Apple Pencil. They have different text formats such as bold, lists, fontsetc.

freehand drawing tools

The Photos app for iPhone and iPad has an extremely useful editing toolbar that lets you quickly retouch images such as: signs, marks, text and freehand drawings. Well, how could it be otherwise, Freeform application also has this tool.

And it’s exactly the same as the Photos editing tool. It has pens and brushes of different sizes, colors and thicknesses, a magnifying glass and other tools.

a wide range of colors

On the other hand, Freeform for iPhone and iPad also Color pallette Exclusive where iOS and iPadOS users have the ability to access a wide range of colors.

While it’s also possible to choose one of the primary colors, expanding the toolbar drop-down menu brings up a very comprehensive color palette panel where you can even type hex codes.

Hundreds of shapes and figures


Shapes are available in Freeform | Image: MacRumors

Of course, any project collaboration app should have shape embedding. And not just geometric shapes, but shapes of all kinds.

There are hundreds of redesigned shapes and figures in the Freeform app. There are geometric shapes, symbols, objects, animals, food, nature, education, art, science, people, places, activities, transportation, and business.

Possible stack various shapes on top of each other, change the layout of their structures in pieces, add borders, change colors and even draw on them. It is also possible to resize its size, as it cannot be otherwise.

file management

Another of Freeform’s most useful features is file management. Can be freeform job boards Save as PDF documents and they can be printed. But in addition, they can be saved in the Files app and uploaded to the cloud with apps like Dropbox.

Obviously, once you’ve completed your real-time collaboration project, the resulting file can be emailed and shared in third-party apps.

Using multiple boards

In case you or your colleagues or classmates are working on many projects at the same time, the Freeform app for iOS and iPadOS, multiple boards at the same time.

The dashboard home screen can be viewed with an icon view or a list view. Boards can be organized by name and date and can be divided into three categories: Recent, Shared and Favorites.

collaboration features

Freeform is specifically designed to work as a real-time collaboration application. iPhone and iPad users have the ability to share Freeform boards with other users and all participants can work on the same online board.

Freeform contributors can add images, text, links, shapes, freehand drawings, videos, and sticky notes. Changes are synchronized in real time It is possible to know at any time which user made the changes.

Apple’s Freeform app will be available soon with the release of iOS 16.2, iPadOS 16.2, and macOS Ventura 13.1. Freeform is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Mac. What do you think about the features of this new real-time collaboration tool?

We would like to know your opinion. Comment!

Source: i Padizate

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