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Formula E will have battery charging stops next year with a 30-second quick recharge.


Formula E is the electric version of Formula 1, and while it shares a few common characteristics, the truth is that it has elements that are completely foreign to Formula 1. Among these elements is the need to recharge batteries in order to keep racing on the track. and compete with other vehicles.

In Formula 1, this moment of refueling and transfer is usually quite dramatic, as losing a couple of thousandths of a second means leaving behind an advantageous position compared to other cars. When formula e the situation is not the same, since the download is usually mandatory for everyone and has a certain time.

To make this situation, or rather this moment, much more exciting, a rather drastic change has just been approved. This particular change is meant to justify hopes that the Formula E car will have to be charged, and while it seems downright crazy, it’s entirely possible that it will work.

Also, to make the situation even more exciting. The mandatory stop to recharge a Formula E car will be removed and cars will instead be able to charge twice during a race. race. These load moments will be called “Attack Mode”, which translates as “Attack Mode”..

New cargo model in Formula E will make it more interesting to watch

It is logical to assume that in order for this new racing model to work, technology is needed to cope with these loads in just 30 seconds. Formula E cars that will be able to access this new load will need to have the ability to assimilate 4 kWh of energy flowing directly into its batteries.

This is achieved thanks to 600 kW chargers.. This overall combination will give Formula E drivers a period of time with more power to use at will, making racing more interesting as anything can happen at any time.

At the moment, the plans are on the table, now it’s time for them to come true. So far, it has been observed that a huge number of changes need to be made to achieve this. For now, changes will start little by little, fast charging will be 350kW instead of 600kW. We will have to wait and see how things develop.

Source: Computer Hoy

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