Microsoft Rereleases SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS (With Lots of New Features)

One of the most popular keyboards on the App Store is back after a short hiatus!

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Customer requests for Microsoft are listed. A few days ago, the company SwiftKey keyboard for iOSnot available on the App Store for no reason, the same Apple’s app store has resurfaced.

The news was confirmed by Microsoft CTO Pedram Rezaei via his Twitter account, while he and other sources said he will renew support for the platform. Microsoft will invest heavily in SwiftKey in the future.

Another chance for SwiftKey

Microsoft Rereleases SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS (With Lots of New Features)

SwifKey predictive keyboard app returns to App Store

it was fast key one of the pioneers in predictive keyboards, such smart keyboards that learn your typing style so that you can type faster. Its popularity was so great that Microsoft bought it in 2016 and has since become one of the favorite keyboards of iOS and Android users.

Those who remove the application after the first announcement or those who want to try it for the first time are now Go to App Store and download SwiftKey for free from their listings. According to the App Store changelog, the last update was posted in August, which means Microsoft hasn’t made any changes since the revival.

Congratulations to users and Microsoft for the decision confirming SwiftKey approval. One of the best keyboards for iPhoneThrough the use of artificial intelligence to learn the writing style of users.

It likewise supports colorful themes and also allows you to type faster with swipe. While the Android version has received more frequent updates in recent years, this seems to be finally about to change with iOS, where it is a real reference.

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