Just a few days ago, Apple and Microsoft announced with great fanfare the integration of iCloud Photo Library into the Windows 11 Photos app. Yes, after years of working in the same industry, both companies have finally put in the effort to make both systems compatible. But it doesn’t seem to be very good, and according to some users, videos and photos could share with other people.

A series of online complaints that collects MacRumorsThey reported the issue. The first of these, and the most common one, is data corruption. After taking photos or videos with iPhone, iCloud for Windows users launch their computer to view them in more detail. The surprise is that, according to them, the files are corrupted. Users describe it as a series of black bars that appear when playing a video recorded with an iPhone on a computer.

It seems that this problem mainly affects iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro users. We say “obviously” because neither Microsoft nor Apple have commented on this yet.

Can your neighbor view your iCloud photos from their Windows computer?

The second problem, and probably the most curious and serious, is that users report photos of unknown people in your camera roll in iCloud for Windows. Many users were surprised to see photos and videos of people they had never met or seen in their lives.

In fact, one person touched on comments that “iCloud for Windows messes with videos recorded from the iPhone 14 Pro Max.” He also adds: “In some cases, insert images in videos from unknown sourcespossibly from other iCloud accounts.”

Another comment: “I was shown family photos of other people I had never seen in my life, football matches and other random photos. Obviously, this is very disturbing and doesn’t make me feel safe using iCloud“This is how one of the victims ends his letter of complaint addressed to the people of Cupertino.

Of course, it’s still too early to tell if these images are actually from other iCloud accounts. Anyone can be the source. However, if the files are found to have been compromised, Apple may face a very serious security issue.

Whose fault is it?

It’s still too early to say anything. However, the problem seems to be somewhere in the Apple servers. While it is true that the affected application is Windows, Redmond residents do not have access to such information.

It is likely that in the near future the Cupertinites will solve this problem. After all, they claim to take the safety of their users very seriously; at least as far as third-party access is concerned. So if you are facing the same issue, just wait and stay tuned that you can get iCloud for Windows in the next few days.

Source: Hiper Textual

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