the idea of ​​having a mobile phone with a processor to offer Wi-Fi 7 connectivityImprovements in 5G and 5G+, simultaneous translation into three languages ​​and the ability to use two pairs of Bluetooth headphones on one phone at the same time, are just one example of what Qualcomm has done, as it will also put artificial intelligence to the test. It has been defined for 2023.


“We’re passionate about getting people to do more, so we designed Snapdragon with the user at the centre, and we’re looking for this 2nd generation that will revolutionize the flagship smartphone landscape in 2023.” Chris Patrick, SVP and General Manager of Mobile, at the Snapdragon Summit 2022 is the brand’s annual meeting in Hawaii.

There the company presented its latest processors for mobile phones, computers, wearables and connectivity innovations that aim to set a trend in the future.

Among the experience improvements, higher level of gaming on mobile is expected as GPU upgrades will also make a difference in energy efficiency and 25 percent faster graphics performance is expected in all areas.

One of the strongest points artificial intelligence, because with the new cognitive ISP (image signal processor) in the camera, the app viewfinder will show you the shot you are actually going to shoot, i.e. real-time enhancement of your photos and videos while shooting, improving your face recognition and autofocus.

Another powerful innovation is faster natural language processing with multilingual translation and advanced camera features. For example, faces, features, hair, clothes, sky and more will be recognized and individually optimized so that every detail gets professional and personalized image tuning.

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In the case of Sony, it was the first to develop Quad Digital Overlay HDR technology and Samsung Izocell HP3 first 200 megapixel image sensor.

Now, Qualcomm vice president Don McGuire said, “Very great Qualcomm has price competition and scalability and is looking to expand its business into areas other than smartphones.”

Open Snapdragon Sound technology For premium music, calls and games, the goal is to fully encapsulate spatial audio for lossless 48kHz music streaming, and gamers can stay in the moment with the lowest latency of 48 milliseconds.

In case of data support and protection, there is isolation, cryptography and key management to protect users data and privacy.
The next generation of Android flagships will be ready for Wi-Fi 7 connectivity, which has not yet been officially confirmed but is expected to happen later in the year; It will also be a point of communication between devices.


with the advent of computers Windows The Volterra project, which will help the company have AI-powered features in 5G, will be the foundation of the development alliance, meaning the new company will be more insightful and efficient, meaning it will have a computer with more connectivity. provide better user experiences. For example, in a video call, focus on the sound of your voice, not the external sound, even if the noise is loud.

“The idea is to be the hub of world-class experiences with innovative designs and exceptional experiences that users deserve,” said Kedar Kondap, VP of computing. Gaming at Qualcomm Technologies.

The next generation CPU for Snapdragon platforms will be Qualcomm Orion, and the bet here is integration with other Snapdragon technology products that build a modern ecosystem.

“Our vision is to bring the best of the smartphone to your laptop, enabling the convergence of mobile and PC devices. Advanced software, dedicated hardware, unprecedented connectivity and broad ecosystem support set Snapdragon computing products apart from the competition,” added Kondap.

The first with a Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 processor will be Lenovo’s Thinkpad X13s desktop, and in 2023 Adobe will release Creative Cloud-native apps for Windows 11 PCs with Snapdragon chips.

When it comes to the new AI device, Snapdragon AR2 aims to usher in a new era of experience in the fusion of real world and meta universe.

It has several chips, including an AR processor, an AR coprocessor, and a platform that collects camera and sensor data and provides Wi-Fi 7 to communicate between computers, as well as eye tracking and iris authentication.

“We are building Snapdragon AR2 “To directly address the unique challenges of augmented reality and elegantly present processing, AI and connectivity, and represent another platform that defines the metaverse,” said Hugo Swart, vice president of XR product management at Qualcomm.

Special Guest to Hawaii

Source: Exame

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