Best apps to control emotions from iPhone

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this feelings has emotional states that we experience in situations that arise around us and in ourselves. These emotions become the energy that drives our lives.

However, when we let our emotions take us away, we may stop acting rationally, so this affects our ability to act. make decisions.

Best apps to control emotions from iPhone

Best apps to control emotions from mobile

Fortunately, there are apps that can help us controlling emotions Available on the App Store. Do you want to meet them?

Apps to control emotions: top 6

  • Myself Now – Awareness
  • meditation in spanish
  • My thought diary, CBT
  • Diary Daylio
  • DailyBean – simple diary
  • Moodnotes – Mood Diary

Below, you can see the best apps to control emotions and feelings from the convenience of your mobile phone.

Myself Now – Awareness

My Self Now: an app that helps you improve your emotional health

My Self Now: an app that helps you improve your emotional health

nothing better to hold control of emotions this meditation and practice Myself Now – Awareness It is perfect for these occasions.

This platform helps you improve your emotional well-being through daily practice. Professionals guide and sometimes accompany their meditations. educational videos.

so your method is more effective And to get the benefit, it is recommended to use the app. noise free areaswith suitable temperature and without distractions.

meditation in spanish

Intimind: a daily app in just 10 minutes

Intimind: a daily app in just 10 minutes

scare is an application with 4 special programs It is designed to improve certain aspects of your life, especially those that affect you. sanity.

The programs are “Health and stress”, “Study better”, “Personal relationships” and “Emotional balance”. When you start, the platform will present you with an introduction with: 7 completely free meditationsjust a daily practice 10 minutes.

Interface simple and convenient to useand although it good self-help content absolutely free, you’ll have to subscribe for unlimited access to everything.

My thought diary, CBT

My thought diary, CBT

My thought diary, CBT: an app to track your mood

This is a cognitive behavioral therapy where can you summer daily and monitor your mood. In short, it is a magazine whose aim is to develop and improve. control your emotions and feelings.

An empty space to reflect and analyze your thoughts Techniques and tools approved by mental health professionals. Using this app you will be able to describe your feelings and work to improve them.

Diary Daylio

Control your emotions with Daylio Diary

Control your emotions with Daylio Diary

write in a diary a very old app it helps controlling emotions and of course the app to express our fears and insecurities Diary Daylio Perfect for keeping track of your life and mood swings.

a similar special diary but in its digital version you can save your meals, discover what makes you happy, set daily, weekly or monthly goals, create habits, collect achievements and much more.

They the interface is very well maintained and your system is completely safe. So don’t be afraid to express yourself, free yourself from pressure and achieve happiness.

DailyBean – simple diary

DailyBean: record your feelings

DailyBean: record your feelings

DailyBean – simple diary It is another good alternative for save your feelings just spend a few minutes a day.

They interface is very fun and simple to usesince you can track your mood with emojis. One of its most outstanding functions monthly calendarthat lets you sum up your days with colorful emoticons, photos and dashes.

Moreover, section with statistics analyzing mood and activity on a weekly or monthly basis.

Moodnotes – Mood Diary

Meet your personal mood tracker

Meet your personal mood tracker

Moodnotes – Mood Diary It is an application available for iPhone that takes care of you. personal care. With this platform you can: monitor your personal moodyou can too describe your thoughts and emotions and even mood patterns.

Thanks to its system, it will not only carry, journaling of your moodpreserve memories, reduce anxiety, and emotional well-being to live better

They interface is simple and presents attractive design insight. And because it was created by graphic design professionals and clinical psychologists, it’s for nothing less.

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