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3 episodes like 1899 in case you wanted to solve more mysteries


few such series 1899 from Netflixbut if you are looking for something in the same style, you three alternatives 1899 they may be of interest to you.

1899 is a historical series set in the last year of the 19th century. European ship with migrants called kerberos, Traveling from London to the United States in search of a better life in the new age that is about to begin, he stumbles upon a strange ship adrift. And then the mysteries and paradoxes begin.

it choral series starring dozens of charactersand they all have their own history, secrets and unexpected connections. The plot is continuously intertwined, twisted and intertwined, which requires constant attention from the viewer so as not to lose the thread of what is happening.

The main criticism is that its development is slow in the early chapters and the plot is very dense, but most agree that it is one of the most best series of the year.

1899 series alternatives

1899 German series created Baran bo Odar and Jantje Frize. The obvious alternative is Dark, a series of detective, drama and science fiction created by the same authors. They have nothing in common at the level of the plot, but they share a style based on inexplicable mystery it is revealed little by little.

if you saw 1899 it’s because you’ve seen it before Darkor is this the next one you’ll see, so we’ll recommend three more.

Separation (Gap)

Is Apple TV+ series It received excellent reviews. Mark is an employee at Lumon Industries who agrees to a “demarcation” program in which his personal memories are surgically separated from his work memories. But when a mysterious work colleague appears in his personal memories, he begins to wonder what his company is really working on.

As in 1899 Separation It features interesting characters that we know very little about and a dense plot that is beautifully woven together. The trailer can be viewed here:


Trailer for ‘Severance’ directed by Ben Stiller for Apple TV+

One of the best series on Apple TV+ and highly praised for its quality catalog. You can see Separation on this Apple TV+ website.

As a reminder, until December 2nd, you can get two months of Apple TV+ completely free.


This 1899 alternate series was created by none other than wachowski sisterscreators of The Matrix saga, and for J.Michael Straczynskicreator of Babylon 5.

Tells a story about 8 people connected to each other what they can experience telepathically The lives of other people.

This creates numerous conflicts between them as they try to figure out the origin of this connection.

You can watch both seasons Feeling8 and the film that ended the series exclusively on Netflix.


Finally, on Netflix you may be interested in the series Manifesto. When passengers on an airplane leave the airport, they realize that 5 years laterwhich for them were several hours.


Trailer for the first season of Manifesto (with subtitles)

His life, his family and his friends have moved on without them and it will force them to experience dramatic situations and strange realities.

manifesto It has released four seasons on Netflix.

1899 series took the class to the next level a series of cryptic puzzlesbut these three alternatives 1899 I’m sure they support your interest as well. Try them!

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