It’s been so viral lately InstaFest is an app that lets people imagine what a music festival poster will look like personalized if made from top likes and artists on your account spotify.

For this, of course, one needs to allow the Instafest app to ‘read’ their most listened to playlists and songs on their Spotify account. Hence the concern: Is InstaFest safe?

Instafest became popular because it allowed people to show their musical tastes and compare them with others. The platform creates a poster with three dates very similar to what happens at events like Lollapalooza, Stereo Picnic, Coachella. or other similar

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every date Instafest event’s main artists appear in capital letters (each user’s most listened to and favourite) and thus other bands and singers were invited to each Spotify user’s personalized ‘festival’.

know a question How risky is it to give Instafest access to Spotify each user

TIME carefully controlled Permissions required by Instafestknowing how dangerous the platform can be, as well as the terms of service.

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First Permission required by Instafest is to ‘Access your Spotify account data’. This means it can ‘read’ your username, profile picture and public playlists on your spotify.

second permission, Instafest requires you to “view the event on Spotify” before creating your personalized “your festival” posteri.e. the main content and artists you consume, listen to and are on your playlists, the number of minutes you enjoy such artists, etc.

Is this unsafe? Not in the beginning. By instafest terms of service, Said ‘reader’ information is not shared with third parties and is not stored outside of mobile phones. It says it’s not used commercially either, but there’s always a doubt: why then are Instafesters making it ‘free’? It is better to prevent a third party from accessing your Spotify account and activity information.

Source: Exame

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