In a corner of Guatemala City, on Sunday, November 27, the 32-year-old since, who was tasked with collecting interest from the company’s business, was shot dead, according to officials of that country. The ‘cobradiario’ or ‘drop by drop’ that a network of Colombians leads there.

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Little is known about the incident that the murdered person is being sought. Jainer Isaias Martinez Munoz. Also, his family in Sucre asked the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to help them repatriate the body to their country.

Martinez He did his military service at the Bogotá Artillery School and after working as a guard for a while, went to Guatemala.

In addition to investigating who killed him and who he was working for in that country, EL TIEMPO found that another line of investigation was open: Who is plotting to assassinate Colombian leaders and the chips in several countries?

in less than a month Five dead in Mexico, Peru and now Guatemala and for researchers this will not be a simple coincidence.

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The mistreatment of Colombians in Mexico is largely due to the fact that a network of ‘pagadiarios’ has trapped dozens of local families against the wall and is no longer just the lower class.”A member of a diplomatic group in Mexico told EL TIEMPO.

And so they told the liaison officers who accompanied President Gustavo Petro on his last visit to that country.

The same source pointed out that the money that this network circulates in Latin America is being investigated whether it comes from drug trafficking: “This financial strength has allowed them to scale the level of customers, now including businessmen and workers. Mexican and Peruvian authorities alarmed by ‘drop-by-drop’ phenomenon“.

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First to fall for this kind of destruction scheme against business chips It was Santiago Tabárez who entered Mexico, assuring that he was an artist.

It was recorded that the murder was shot and attacked by two people on motorcycles in the 20 November neighborhood where the young man was found.

While the victim’s identity was withheld, EL TIEMPO obtained it and found that he was linked to his ‘drop by drop’ business, despite appearing also as a reggaeton singer and digital content creator.

Consular officials in Peru also requested assistance to repatriate the body of one of the three Colombians killed. Last November 3.

In this case, the Colombians showed up with several gunshot wounds in the Mala district on the outskirts of Lima. 30-year-old Alexander Arroyave Loaiza, Kevin Naranjos Salazar; and 24-year-old Andrés Naranjos Lescano.

Relatives told Peruvian media that the victims had lived in this town for several years. Working as a loan shark and with dividends, they opened several fast food stores.

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attributed to the attack Members of a gang known as ‘Los Gallegos’ in Lima and said to be the armed wing of the ‘Tren de Aragua’.

Relatives of one of the deceased stated that these people were threatened with not paying tribute for weeks. A poster signed by the group ‘Los Gallegos’ was found next to their bodies.

Regarding the case in Guatemala, Martínez Muñoz is known to have traveled. From Bogotá to the capital of that country on August 19th.

EL TIEMPO contacted his relatives, who assured him that he had indeed been working as a “cobradiario” in that country for several months. But they didn’t know who their boss was.

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They added that they are waiting for a collection partner of the deceased to contact them for details. At the same time, they care about the reaction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to bring the body home. Meanwhile, in Sincelejo, they are collecting a solidarity fund for funeral expenses.

Investigators consider different hypotheses about these cases. One of them is the ‘Aragua Train’ trying to take over the ‘drop by drop’ business. Another hypothesis is that high-profile clients have decided to hire hitmen to destroy their collectors.

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But the mafia members “renew” their workers who have already been identified by the local authorities, and they can finally provide the names of the most important people behind the business.

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