Smart-TV’s share with Russian TV guides, online cinemas and other software has recently grown to 10-20% from 1.5-2% a year earlier. The range of such devices has grown due to both Chinese brands and domestic products. At the same time, buyers often prefer Russian TVs, as they are more interested in domestic than Western content.

Demand for home software for Smart-TV increased by up to 13 times in Russia

In 2022, Russians bought more than 3.2 million smart TVs: smart devices accounted for a record 75% of total smart device sales in Russia in real terms. In the stores themselves, this figure was 80%, Izvestia writes with reference to sellers and developers.

Sales growth concerns mainly devices running on software from Yandex and Sberbank. The share of TVs on the Yandex TV platform in the Russian market is higher – 20%, Yandex.Market representatives reported. Sberbank’s press service predicts that Salyut TV developed by Salyut TV will occupy more than 10% of the market for operating systems for smart TVs by 2023, and the turnover will continue to grow.

The popularity of Smart TV in Russian solutions is associated with a limited selection of other devices, the supply of which is still intermittent, said Anton Guskov, a representative of the Association of Trading Companies and Producers of Electrical and Computer Equipment (RATEK). On the other hand, Russian platforms outperform competitors in terms of price, he emphasized.


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Source: RB

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