One of the capabilities of the iPhone is the recognition of sounds and signals. An option added as far back as iOS 14, detected to notify the user of a doorbell, alarm, dog barking, or baby crying.

In iOS 16, the risk chip. The developers have added the ability to record your own sounds that can be recognized by the iPhone. So, for example, you can record a signal about the end of the microwave oven or washing machine. The smartphone tells you that the gadget has worked if you are listening to music with headphones, playing a game, or simply did not hear the signal yourself.

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How to set up household appliance sounds recognition

one. Go to Settings – Accessibility – Sound recognition – Sounds.

2. Visible Section Custom home appliance or doorbell.

3. Follow the national settings of the wizard and enter the name of the signal.

four. Click the button Start listening and activate the trigger signal of your household appliance. The iPhone will recognize the signal and remember it.

5. Repeat the sound recording test 5 times.

6. Wait for the use of what sound to play and activate accordingly.

Now the iPhone will constantly monitor the surrounding ambient sounds and sensations with a memory corruption signal. If the gadget heard a similar sound, it will report it.

This mode will drain your iPhone’s battery faster, which can cause it to turn on quickly and detect high audio levels.

For this health Settings – Control Centers and redirect to area Sound recognition. Now you can set the mode using an additional button in the top curtain of the system.

Do not activate the mode if you start watching a movie, game session or put on a headset.

Source: Iphones RU

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