Two families are experiencing a tragedy in Bogotá today. Yolman Ronaldo Cruz cannot believe that the young man died in front of his school and at the hands of a fellow student.

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The parents of Javier Alexis Hinestroza, who was sent to prison on Thursday afternoon, said: They say that their son has no criminal record and that what they did was self-defense. Only the investigation conducted by the Prosecutor’s Office will determine why the events occurred. There are two versions for now.

“My son was a quiet teenager who didn’t even like to go out. He was kind and friendly. We watched him die in our arms in front of his school. how painful”
Yolman Ronaldo’s father, Diego Armando Ortiz, said:

It all happened on Tuesday, May 3, when an academic day was put forward for the issuance of grades at the school of Álvaro Gómez Hurtado de Suba. “We were in the living room and saw our son sitting outside with a young woman. “As the meeting was going on, they started shouting that they had stabbed someone,” he said.

The course director told another student to learn. “Then I heard my son’s name and ran away. When I arrived, he was already dying on the floor,” Diego said.

The minor’s mother is a nurse’s aide and tried to help her as best she could. As the ambulance took a long time to arrive, they found a stretcher and called a taxi. “The police cleared the way for us from Ciudad de Cali street to take him to the Corpas clinic, but there, 20 minutes later, they told us the boy was dead.” The young man’s cell phone is currently missing. It is feared that it has been stolen.

There are conflicting versions of what happened. Some say it all happened in the middle of a fight, others say there was a third person involved.

The young man’s lawyer, Luis Ernesto Mora, demanded that he comply with the security measures at home, claiming that the young man was virtually rooted in the city at the preliminary hearing yesterday. and a possible risk to your life if you are imprisoned. However, the judge in the case pointed out that “there weren’t enough grounds to provide the benefit in question” and that the only precaution for the defendant not to escape from the process was deprivation of liberty in prison.

“According to Forensics, which supports the reasonable inference that there was a fight, the young man has a six-day disability. However, a person who is able to attack another person without thought is a danger to society and shows a lack of values.”said the judge. If found guilty of manslaughter, he could face up to 40 years in prison.

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According to the statement made by the Ministry of National Education (SED), the fight, which resulted in the injuries that caused the death of the student, took place on public roads, not inside the institution’s facilities. This school takes precedence over the Trusted Protective Environments program, so the Police acted immediately and caught the aggressor, the Venezuelan immigrant.

The School Orientation Comprehensive Response team (RIO-P) accompanies families and school. The party denied the blame and hopes that the authorities of the case will develop relevant actions against this incident. “We cannot allow conflicts to continue to be resolved by violence,” said Education Minister Edna Bonilla.

Yolman Ronaldo’s parents are experiencing complete tragedy, but so are all members of the education community. “My son was in tenth grade, about to finish school, and he didn’t mess with anyone. He would lock himself in his room to listen to music. He was very discreet.”Diego said in tears.

School students also held a sit-in because the murder of the young man was not the first case of fight, robbery and assault outside the school. We told the authorities to heed our call. These young people are in serious danger,” she said, the mother of another student who preferred to hide her identity.

according to the numbers District Minister of Education (SED), this year 141 violent fights broke out between students. The RIO-P team and ECO team prioritized escorting 14 fights at eight locations.

There are several reasons for existence that affect what happens. They say the scenario of the pandemic over the past two years shows how imperative it is to open up spaces for dialogue about the importance of mental health and the socio-emotional well-being of children and adolescents, and anyone else in general.

“We must understand that this context is fundamentally changing the way we relate to and get to know each other,” said the Education Minister.

The organization demonstrated, after two years of distance learning, a high level of socio-emotional affectivity, expressed as a weakening of capacities for emotional management, conflict resolution, and the reinforcement of more respectful, inclusive and horizontal relationships. The SED will continue to bet on pedagogical programs that prioritize socio-emotional and civic education, but for some parents this should be accompanied by more internal investigations and the presence of police officers. “You have to exercise authority,” a mother from the Inem school told EL TIEMPO.

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There are various factors that affect the problems arising from fights in schools for the institution and also for the parents. One is the rise in thefts in settings that have caused some students to fight against those who force them to steal.

To this is added a scarce leg of strength to be present at the ins and outs of each day. For the business, the presence of actors in environments such as vehicle drivers has had a negative impact on the increase in street harassment and theft and thus the problem.

Finally, even more worrying for young peopleCriminal gangs dedicated to micro-trafficking that instrumentalize children and youth and link them to youth organizations in conflict with the law, such as gangs, have territorial control issues.

Lina Saldarriaga, PhD in Child Developmental Psychology and director of operations for the Aulas en Paz program at the Universidad de los Andes, said that whatever the issue, the work of parents and educational institutions is crucial.

“Children go to school not just to connect to the computer, but to have a space where they can develop all their normal skills. They were isolated, left adrift by their parents’ occupation. An institution’s rules, schedules, eating, resting times, rules for interacting with others, how the floor was requested were missing. All of that has disappeared,” Saldarriaga explained.

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