With close to 5,000 pesos and increased airfares Since the VAT rate is still 19 percent (5 percent), it is important to think carefully about the international destinations where you can travel and where foreign currency will earn more.

According to the latest data from Bloomberg, The Colombian peso is the second most depreciated currency in Latin America and the third among emerging currencies. With a change of -15.9%. A situation that has become one of the world’s most depreciating countries since the second half of 2022.

Before the coin only Argentine peso with 41.8% correction. By contrast, the Chilean peso rose 0.02%, followed by the growing Peruvian left, with a 4.9% revaluation; 5% to the Mexican peso; and the Brazilian real with 5.5%.

Only Turkish Lira and Argentine Peso surpass us.. Mexico, Brazil and Peru have the only currencies in the world that beat the dollar.

With this information, the main advice To look in your pocket is to choose countries with similar currency to the colombian

Adriana Torres, Director of Vacation Tourism at Aviatur, recommends destinations in South America. “The dollar will always be the official currency. But we are able to directly change the Argentine, Mexican and Peruvian pesos and become more affordable that way,” explains Torres.

For example, in Argentina, 100 Argentine pesos is equal to 3,175 Colombian pesos. To give you an idea, a taxi from Recoleta to Palermo (two tourist neighborhoods in Buenos Aires) can cost around 750 Argentine pesos, about 23,000 Colombian pesos. A meal without wine costs around 3,500 Argentine pesos.

Meanwhile, 100 Mexican pesos equals 24,784 Colombian pesos. The average cost of a taxi in Mexico City is 80 to 150 Mexican pesos, and the price per application ranges from 100 to 250 pesos.

A street meal costs between 70 and 100 Mexican pesos per person; from 200 to 500 pesos in a mid-range restaurant, depending on the region of the city and the type of food and drink.

One (1) sol in Peru is equivalent to 1,226 Colombian pesos. If you factor in, a taxi ride costs about 25 soles, or 30,000 pesos.

Although the distance is further, Turkey, which is a suitable currency due to its depreciating currency against the peso, will be a more suitable destination for the purchasing power of Colombians this year.

“At the moment, many people are making lists to travel to the Caribbean as the monetization changes are not huge. Destinations like Punta Cana, Cancun, and Curaçao are listed. A lot is changing when it comes to cruises, especially from Miami, which is an option because change and investment is not huge,” Torres advises.

buy in advance Travel season is end of season and start paying little by little, make a monthly allowance so the money doesn’t have to go out of pocket. Promotional hotels, buy plane tickets during the week (Monday to Thursday they have better prices). If you can, choose to travel in low season (you will avoid congestion and everything will be cheaper).

Travel to places available for currency exchange:
Choose destinations that have a weak currency and are affected by the expensiveness of the dollar, so you can buy more foreign currency from that place with the dollars you carry. Traveling to a country with a strong economy is very punishing for change.

Long-term travel should be planned.and opt for all-inclusive plans. Caribbean, Riviera Maya, Cancun, Dominican Republic with sun and beach plans. Central America, Mexico and Panama, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru.

Be mindful of your spending at the destinationIf possible, take dollars and exchange them for the currency of your destination to avoid borrowing so much. If you bought dollars, it’s time to take them out, you have already saved. Excessive consumption of liquor and food should be avoided. Control (or avoid) spending souvenirs and unnecessary purchases. Even today, do not forget that the weight of the suitcases is very controlled. Payment by credit card is not available at this time.

If your pocket requires you to take simpler journeysChoose to stay in hostels, eat on the street or at the supermarket, walk rather than use transport (even public). How about traveling long distances by bus, even at night, to save yourself a day at a hotel? But remember, you also need to plan your strategy very well to travel cheap.

Learn to play with the options that airlines give you. Today, airlines offer multiple fare options for travelers. The cheapest will be for practical travelers who are considering buying, go with a single backpack, do not need to eat on flights, and adapt to the chair allocated to them. Remember: when it comes to flying, any ‘zeal’ is a luxury today.

It’s time to get to know the country. Buying trips to other countries can be very expensive at this time, given that the base currency for exchange is dollars when paying for international trips; The advice is therefore to look for national destinations. Colombia is home to a wide variety of magical destinations that will undoubtedly provide excellent experiences and enable you to have your dream vacation.

Source: Exame

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