Mysterious robberies are taking place on the seventh and eighth floors of the building, where they didn’t break the doors, spoil the apartments, or scatter them. Inticaya residential complexin the neighborhood Saltpeter City, northwest of Bogota. As of today, there are nine properties that have been hacked.

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Victims include a prosecutor, a retired Armed Forces officer, an engineer, a jewelry designer, businessmen, lawyers and traders. Losses exceed 1,800 million pesos.

The first theft occurred on October 31, 2022, with eight people affected between December and January. The common factor: they were all traveling. The visible valuables inside the buildings were not taken, they went straight to the safes for money and jewelry.

According to those affected, group management ignored the facts, made fun of it, said the incident was related to auto theft, and initially refused to hand over the recordings because they said they were responsible for the security company.

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“Since January 3, when the management took care of us poorly, we asked for records and reports of those who stayed in an Airbnb rented apartment, those who arrived in 2022, and the guards. In December, the shifts of the guards changed and they did not want to answer us for anything ”, one of the affected reassured.

This newspaper repeatedly tried to contact the management, but got no response.

What most of the victims agree on is that there may be a spy among the security team operating at the complex and from the Seguridad Star de Colombia company, but they also don’t understand the indifference that the management has. and the housing council had been before these nine robberies, which they suspected could be complicity.

The security company has been there for 15 years, and the staff hasn’t changed, but residents say the “ronderos” are changed frequently. However, they declare that in the 30 years that the group has existed, something of this magnitude has never happened.

Although residents say they have been ignored and lacking support from the authorities, their own investigation confirms that criminals have examined them and that they know where the valuables in their homes are.

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A merchant who lived alone and was the first victim of mysterious robberies told EL TIEMPO: On November 2, he went to retrieve 80 million pesos, jewelry, and some high-end mobile phones from his safe, but they were gone, so he started checking other places where his valuables were kept and couldn’t find them either.

“I went to complain but there was a lot of teasing and teasing from both the admin and some of the site’s guards, I also asked for the videos and it was long, I started when they delivered it to me. I see them but they were intermittent shots, not on the days or times I wanted. Thereupon on November 2-3 I have filed a criminal complaint with the prosecutor’s office,” he said.

A couple of businessmen carrying cargo on the expedition on 10-16 December realized that they had been robbed three days later because everything was perfect on the day they arrived.

“On the 19th, my son told me that he would send my nephew the few euros I had saved for him, but when I opened the safe they weren’t there,” he said.

According to the businesswoman, there were approximately 450 million pesos received between jewellery, euros, dollars and Colombian pesos. “We reported the robbery to the administration that same day, but they didn’t show any interest in us nor did they warn the residents of what had happened.” They also said that they do not have any records from before December 22nd.

Also, a retired officer from the Armed Forces is part of the victims. This man received about 70 million pesos in money and valuables. He even said that he realized days later that a bottle of wine, a shirt and trousers had been taken from him.

Another victim is an engineer who was on vacation with his family from December 17 to January 11. On January 2, when messages about the collection of some checks in the safe began to come, he realized that it was stolen.

“All the valuables that appeared in the apartment were left there, not taken away. My safes were pierced, they took jewellery, checkbooks, a collection of watches, eyeglasses, cash in Colombian pesos, dollars and euros. My loss is around 150 million pesos,” said the engineer.

A fashion designer who had been traveling since November and who showed up at her apartment at 9am last Saturday, already alerted to having learned of previous robberies, went straight to look at her safe, which she found empty. The stolen items included gold jewelry, emeralds, jewellery, diamonds and approximately 120 million pesos.

“They also opened my mother’s safe, they took 30 million pesos, and when they entered my room they had the delicacy and courage to search my clothes for other boxes I had along with the jewels, but they left nothing. My apartment door didn’t break, but it had seams,” said the woman.

For now, the facts have already been reported to the prosecution and are being investigated by the judicial police and the CTI.

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Source: Exame

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