Sony Pictures Network in India has made an official request to Google to remove 34 URLs suspected of copyright infringement. The practice is common, but strange because these pages are on Sony’s Liv platform, which, as the name suggests, is owned by Sony.

Here in Brazil, Sony Liv is not very well known as it is not available, but it is a branded streaming service operating in India and the USA. For some reason, despite being an officially licensed service, it receives numerous copyright infringement complaints, even from its own company.

In addition to Sony, other companies such as Shoopte Film, Multi Screen Media and Cricket Australia have filed complaints against Sony Liv, treating the platform as a piracy service.

Google was able to detect that many of these complaints were misdirected, but the site Torrent freak It even reported that at least two of the URLs on the list were removed from Sony Liv.

The use of robots is essential to deal with the volume of websites on the internet, so some automation in copyright reporting is to be expected. But when a company starts accusing websites of infringing, perhaps artificial intelligence needs tweaking. Sony even made the news on IMDb via its Cold Courage series page.

Image: Sony Xperia Z5 Premium

Source: Tec Mundo

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