The phrase “You traded Rolex for Casio” has been a trend since the release of Shakira’s 53rd session song with Argentine DJ BZRP last January 11th.

The reactions of the brand, including the controversy brought by the Colombian song, have been positive, serving to boost the stock’s valuation, rising to 1,327 yen, its 2023 high, on Friday.

The debate that exists is whether a Rolex watch is truly superior to a Casio and the difference between the two companies goes beyond the 41-year gap, focus and developments of companies.

Rolex’s history is linked to the visionary of its founder, Hans Wilsdorf, who turned 24 in 1905. He founded a company specializing in the distribution of watches in London.

Casio hails from Japan, in 1923 the Great Kanto earthquake devastated the city of Yokohama, 105,000 dead and 37,000 buried under the rubble.

Tadao Kashio was six years old at the time, and after losing his home, he moved to Tokyo with his entire family at the invitation of an uncle who was working in the Japanese capital.

After graduating from high school, Kashio began working as a lathe operator in the manufacture of kitchenware, and the factory owner noticed his skills and persuaded him to study at Waseda Koshu Gakko (now Waseda University).

In 1946, now 30 years old, Tadao a Kashio Seisakujo company (since 1957 Casio Computer Co., Ltd. today)make pots and pans. His company, which later became a contract factory, began producing parts and gears for microscopes.

Tadao then decided to involve his three brothers, Toshio, Kazuo and Yukio, and with this completely changed the profile of the company, leading him to invent it.

The company was now engaged in the repair of airport machinery, as well as air ticket issuers. and also air traffic calculators, that was the first idea: to make a portable calculator.

Among the innovative devices created by the Kashio brothers was the mouthpiece mounted on a ring that allowed smoking while the person was working, this was the idea of ​​Toshio, an engineer by profession.

The post-war era was the foundation of the company, the military needed calculators, and in 1949 Casio had to build the first calculator factory to meet national demand.

All-electric compact calculator model 14-A, Casio Computer Co. was born under the new name of the company and was installed in transportation offices, post offices, train stations, utility companies, electricity, telephone and ministries.

Seven years after launch, In 1956 he opened the first research and development center for the application of new technologies to other needs. that people have.

The design of this calculator was a precursor to the Casio Mini, produced in 1972, considered the world’s smallest calculator for personal use, and the company’s bestseller, as it reached one million units in 10 months.

The company then turned to desk clocks that could be powered by a small quartz crystal. These can emit an electronic signal every second, taking an electrical pulse from a battery to move conventional time hands.

In 1969, the first liquid crystal digital display (LCD) quartz wristwatch was invented that was small enough to be worn on the wrist. casiotron

They later produced video games, calculators, radio or television clocks, they were one of the first companies to produce clocks in different time zones, temperature gauges, atmospheric pressure, altitude and even GPS.

The firm has also ventured into musical instruments from the 80s, such as the electronic piano, and they even have a large portfolio of digital cameras.

It is now the third Japanese watch brand and is in the top ten in the world, creating more than 11,000 jobs and billing billions of dollars a year.

Casio watches, in addition to having patented technology,They enjoy a long-lasting battery, even the brand makes a battery last up to 10 years, and in cases like the G-Shock series born in 1983, these are promised to be unbreakable devices for outdoor sports.

Casio fever traces back to popular culture.

In the 80s, the brand experienced great growth. In 1985, Michael J. Fox, Marty McFly In ‘Back to the Future’ he wore the Casio CA50, a calculator watch that you can’t get right now, however, the equivalent might be the Casio CA53W, which costs between $120,000 and $250,000.

Series like Stranger Things also fueled nostalgia and sales of models like the Casio B640WD-1AV, worn by Jim Hopper, reissued by the brand, and again available for $144,000 to $220,000.

Even models like the Casio F91 became the best-selling digital watch in history.

Currently seen with one of the personalities like Spike Lee, Kristen Stewart, Justin Bieber, John Mayer or Snoop Dogg. Even Pope Francis showcased his Casio MQ24-9B, which costs between $109,000 and $150,000.

Now, the impact of Shakira’s song has sparked discussion about the quality of the watches and their loyal users, the brand has grown on social networks and even organized various competitions for those who prefer to buy a Casio instead of a Rolex.

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