Murder on Monday, January 23 Valentina Trespalacios, A famous 23-year-old DJ appearing in a suitcase in the Los Cámbulos neighborhood of the town of Fontibón.


Relatives of the young woman revealed what would be the last video of the young woman before the murder.

Relatives of the young woman wanted to find her boyfriend, John Poulos, with whom she appeared together in the latest photos and videos she took and uploaded to the networks.

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However, the 35-year-old man did not contact his family and deleted several profiles from his social networks. EL TIEMPO exclusively determined that he was organizing a last minute trip.

Poulus, a native of Texas, He left Colombia on Sunday, January 22, for Central America. with scale to a third country.

Colombian officials, through Interpol, are asking their third-country counterparts to help find the American.

Fernando Umana Mejia

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Source: Exame

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