Whats up It is characterized by making lasting improvements within the platform and this is because the demands of being one of the most important instant messaging apps in the world are no easy task.

One of the most criticized features of the application is that it does not preserve the quality in which the photos are sent. For example, when high quality files are sent, they lose level just by entering WhatsApp.

While there is a way to check what the compression quality is, it’s been available for two years from the settings section and then storage and data, quality is still low.

Well, this could be a problem from the past and that’s WABetaInfoan environment dedicated to analysis any project initiated by the social network, stated that the company has developed an update to fix this issue.

The version corresponding to will display a gear icon to the left of the image rotation tool.

When the user goes there, a menu will pop up that will let him choose the quality. time to send the photo, including sending the original image in full resolution.

Source: Exame

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