According to Nielsen, a company responsible for audience measurement, data and analysis. The Colombian-inspired Disney movie Charm was the most-watched movie on Streaming services in 2022, with at least 269 million views.

The animated feature, which premiered on Disney+ at the end of December 2021, took a full 12 months to garner so many views and hit the top movie streaming list.

Similarly, the history of the Madrigal family also took first place on Disney+, accumulating 27.416 billion minutes.

Second place was followed by Turning Red, which was also broadcast on Disney+, third place was Sing2 on Netflix, fourth place was Moana on Disney+, and fifth place was The Adam Project on Netflix.

For example, the Netflix Wednesday series, which premiered at the end of November 2022, was cut short with only 36 days of availability on the platform.

In total, last year Americans streamed more than 19.4 million years of content last year, a 27 percent increase over 15 million years in 2021.

According to Nilsen, this is because the increase was driven by the breadth of new services and content, especially streaming originals.

In 2022, top-performing original content far exceeded purchased content, e.g. Netflix’s Stranger Things ranked first among all series.
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Viewers watched a total of 52 billion minutes of Stranger Things in 2022; That’s the highest total since the covid lockdowns that saw viewers watch 57.1 billion minutes of The Office in 2020.

In addition, Netflix is ​​the original content leader with 34 episodes of Stranger Things and 52.0 billion minutes, followed by Ozark with 31.3 billion minutes, followed by Wednesday with 18.6 billion minutes and Cobra Kai with 16.7 billion minutes. and Bridgerton fifth with 14.0 billion minutes.

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Source: Exame

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