The lawyer of the American John Nelson Poulos claimed that several of his rights were violated and that more than 40 hours had passed since he was taken into custody. -The known murderer of young Valentina Trespalacios- He demanded that his capture on Thursday night, January 26, be declared illegal.

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According to the man’s 38-year-old defender, he was held in isolation and incommunicado in Panama as Colombian Police came to apprehend him. In addition, he was not allowed to call his mother or father, whose phones were recorded on his mobile phone, which was detained and detained.

They also have lacerations on their wrists due to wearing handcuffs.

His cuffs were too tight, he had a panic attack, and they wouldn’t let him get his cholesterol medicine: Stapin. “He’s been wearing the same clothes for three days and we don’t know if he ate.”

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He added that even when he went to look for her in the bunker of the prosecutor’s office. they would deny it was there and it was clear that their rights were not guaranteed.

The lawyer asked for security, expressing that he was worried about Poulos’ life. He said he saw two heavily armed men when he got to Colombia. That’s why she wants her life to be secured and locked away where she’s not with other people.

He even announced that he had contacted her. with the United States embassy in Bogotá to request legal support.

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The trial lasted several hours because the interpreter had to be paused to speak to the American. whether he is satisfied with what his lawyer has said.

Criminal lawyer Miguel Ángel del Río at the beginning of the trial She accredited herself as the attorney for Valentina Trespalacios’ mother and brother, seeking their recognition as victims in the process.

He also advocated for respect for the due process and the rights of Americans. He did not speak the language and the fact that he was exposed to the media.

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At around 10:45 pm, the judge in the case requested a recess and announced his decision five minutes later, but not before consultation. Whether Poulos wanted his decision to be translated simultaneously or later.

At 10:55 p.m., the judge began quoting a large number of case-law, and after 20 minutes said: “The Office states that it is empowered to decide (…) As for a particular case, what does it have to do with the case? individualization of the detainee, in the warrant Mr. John It was stated that Nelson Poulos (…) was the perpetrator of the moron’s death. Valentina Trespalacios Hidalgo was found in a blue travel suitcase inside a garbage container in the town of Fontibón. (… ) Regarding the conditions of the arrest, it was stated that it became official at the Police Anti-Narcotics Directorate at around 23.42 on Wednesday.”

And after midnight he added: “The constitutional and legal detention period has not been exceeded. (…) With regard to respecting the rights of the detainees, we find that the detention procedure is given in both Spanish and English (…) this person is guaranteed to have a private conversation with a defender and this possibility has been reported. appoint someone he trusts (…) Moreover, the initial detention in Panama is not part of the arrest procedure (…) Thus, the legal and constitutional presuppositions have been complied with.

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The crimes to be prosecuted are: femicide competes with concealment, alteration and destruction of material evidence.

Poulos said he understood the verdict and communicated effectively with his defender, who objected to the legalization of the arrest.

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