When new smartphones are released, it is not always a simple thing to buy. If you don’t have that much money left, the prices of new devices can be very high and unaffordable, making the dream of owning a premium cell phone further away. However, one solution consumers found to circumvent the high prices was second-hand smartphones.

With the shortage of semiconductors in factories and the inflated value of new smartphones on the market as a result of the tax rate, second-hand devices have fallen out of favor with the public, who are increasingly seeking this option. . For example, Trocafone store, which was the leader in mobile phone sales in Latin America in 2022, sold around 120,000 devices in the first half alone.

Most used mobile phones

The company’s website includes models from different brands and price ranges, but there are a few models that users like. For example, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 11 led sales in the first half of last year at Trocafone. Apple mobile phones can be found at very attractive prices compared to the new models on the market, with prices ranging from R$ 700 to R$ 2,000.

Other famous brands of the smartphone world, such as Samsung, were also in high demand. The Galaxy S10, for example, has also caught the attention of consumers and is currently on sale for around R$1,200.

According to Trocafone CEO Guille Freire, second-hand devices are great options for those looking for more technology at an affordable price. “Brazilian consumers need to be hyper-connected at all times, and most change their mobile phones on average every 24 or 36 months.”

He continued: “Our devices have a good lifespan and are ready to go, because our goal is to foster digital inclusion and meet everyone’s demand through more accessible prices, so that they always have modern devices that can be used with all the possibilities that technology currently allows.” he concluded his speech.

Source: Tec Mundo

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