The violent fight between DJ Valentina Trespalacios and her American boyfriend John Poulos could have been the beginning of violent beatings and drowning. He took his own life at the age of 21 on January 22.

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Like this Poulos himself would have admitted this to someone close to his family, someone who has already helped businessmen in the Bahamas. In fact, EL TIEMPO found for the first time that the Christian church the named murderer attended in Wisconsin had already processed a letter confirming that he was an exemplary citizen by now.

When leaving the parole hearing, The American defense provided the first trace of the photos, without providing further details..

In the face of his statements in Panama (about the Medellín Cartel’s involvement in crime), he has some messages on his phone that will show when the time comes.‘ said the guilty Martín Riascos.

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Again, An investigator on the case told EL TIEMPO that everything indicates that Poulos may have managed to unlock the iPhone he had given to Valentina months ago.using facial identifier after falling asleep.

hours before they go to dinner at an upscale restaurant in northern Bogotá and (as clearly stated at the impeachment hearing) they would engage in sexual intercourse. As EL TIEMPO revealed, Valentina was belted because her stomach was treated..

in photos From the autopsy you can see the moment when the blue suitcase found in the garbage container was opened.with Valentina’s body on Sunday, January 22. In this, the young woman is displayed in the fetal position with a tan sash and a black sash.

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In the videos of the entrance of the apartment number 802 of the Cappadocia building, which Poulos rented for three days, The young woman is seen still wearing the belts.

Forensic technicians will enter to verify whether a series Photos of messages apparently saved on the American’s cell phone Corresponds to information received from Valentina’s mobile phone.

The rumor circulating among those close to the event is as follows: Poulos believes some kind of plan has been woven against him.. Again, This theory won’t save him from being tried for qualified femicide. and concealment of evidence.

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despite not knowing spanish He says he interprets that he will use the translator and have a group of people question his financial information.

For this reason, he mentioned that the drug trafficking mafia was behind what happened after he was detained in Panama.

Y In the middle of a trial to legalize his capture, he sought special protection and said that when he arrived in Colombia, he saw two heavily armed men. following his movements.

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What doesn’t fit her excuse is why if there is supposed proof of plot against her why Valentina tried to dispose of it by dumping her iPhone near the El Dorado airport.; Though he would say the fight broke out when Valentina started deleting messages.

TIME determined that Open information allows Poulos to earn around $120,000 a year.A little over 500 million Colombian pesos.

In addition Apparently, his last stop on his flight from Colombia was Montenegro, not Istanbul.A small country on the Balkan Peninsula, bordering Bosnia and Serbia.

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EL TIEMPO had access to immigration records stating that Poulos was in Belgrade in 2021., the capital of Serbia and also in Istanbul at least twice. So that region was not foreign to him.

It has also been found that Those close to the American are considering whether to bolster the defense with a lawyer from that country authorized to practice in Colombia.. They would also consider filing a withholding lawsuit in Panama and claiming that no guarantees were made in Colombia.

EL TIEMPO contacted lawyer Riascos to ask about the messages allegedly on Poulos’ phone, but He declined to comment on the matter, but added that he was defending rights, not people..

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next tuesday, At the hearing requesting security measures, the Prosecutor’s Office will uncover some of the devastating evidence concluding that Poulos killed Valentina.He placed it in the suitcase he had brought from the United States, threw it in the garbage can, and went on to destroy the evidence, including DJ’s cell phone.

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