The British airline Flybe has announced the suspension of all flights and the sale of tickets. The company announced on Twitter that it had moved to external management.

The airline Flybe stops operations and lays off almost 90% of employees

According to Sky News, amid the decision to suspend all flights, the airline laid off 277 of its 321 employees. Flybe advises passengers not to travel to the airport unless they have agreed to transfer their flight to another airline.

The British Aviation Authority has offered Flybe customers discounts on flights from other airlines.

According to Bloomberg, Europe’s largest regional airline was already transferred to external management in March 2020 after the UK government refused to grant it a £100 million loan. Flybe’s management blamed the bankruptcy on the COVID-19 pandemic.

In April 2022, the company resumed operations, planning to operate up to 530 weekly flights on 23 routes. Flybe aircraft made regular flights throughout the UK, as well as to Amsterdam and Geneva.

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