Its members United States federal agencies have reviewed the resolutions issued by the government of President Gustavo Petro, It recognizes 16 criminals as representatives of two criminal structures.

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Their names were presented to Commissioner Danilo Rueda. Authorized delegates of the Colombian Gaitanista Self-Defense Force (Agc) and the Sierra Nevada Conquistadores Self-Defense Force (Acsn) with the aim of “developing exploratory and stealth approaches”.

Purpose, they say, “to advance conversations and fulfill the conditions for surrender to justice.”

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Therefore, the Government ordered communication. Decision of the relevant authorities to postpone the arrest decisions for 15 days. Prior to the measure, a bilateral ceasefire was declared, which meant the suspension of military and police operations against these organisations, exposed a judicial debate that even reached Washington this week.

federal resources They assured this newspaper that several of these representatives were “highlighted in red” on their list of 299 pending extradition requests.that the United States raised to Colombia.

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“For our government High-value criminals and members of criminal structures who continue to ship large quantities of cocaine to the United States Without persecution in Colombia,” a source from Miami told EL TIEMPO.

And both assured The FBI and DEA have expressed their concerns about the increase in drug trafficking and the decrease in seizures. and drug seizures.

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This week, after visiting Attorney General Francisco Barbosa reiterated what he had already said to the Justice Department in Washington when discussing legally why he would not lift the arrest warrants., as requested by Petro’s government. And by the way, he said why the measure to stop anti-mafia operations is illegal and risky.

“Armed groups that are the heirs of paramilitary structures they are not of a political nature and there is no law of surrender with constitutional conditions that must be followed in these processes”, Barbosa emphasized at the end of his meeting with United States Attorney General Merrick Garland.

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And added The list of 16 includes five dangerous extraditables: four claimed by the United States and one detained in Spain..

“There has never been a bilateral purge with drug trafficking organizations before.. “It’s like a bilateral truce with Pablo Escobar or the Cali cartel,” he said.

Who is Barbosa talking about? EL TIEMPO investigated and tacitly found that since 2022 gangs (including those to be repatriated) have already agreed on non-aggression pacts. with local authorities to allow them to enter into complete peace.

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in Antakya There is talk of the ‘Rancherito pact’ signed before the presidential elections to reduce the intensity of the conflict.

“There they were a priest, a paisa official and spokesperson for local gangs,” he said..

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The prosecutor also confirmed that Barbosa is among the names he compared to Pablo Escobar. Jobanis de Jesús Ávila Villadiego aka Chiquito Malo; Fredy Castillo Carrillo aka Pinocchio; Norberto Quiroga Poveda aka 5.5 and José Miguel Demoya aka Chirimoya.

Two of the most worrisome to the United States because of their dangers, They are ‘Chiquito Malo’ and José Gonzalo Sánchez, ‘Gonzalito’, but the latter still does not have a refundable rank.. ‘Chiquito Malo’ would assume command of the Agc after he was captured and extradited. Dairo Antonio Úsuga, aka Otoniel, pleaded guilty to the charges in the United States this week..

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A ‘Chiquito Malo’, in 2015 a Brooklyn court charged him with operating international crime networks.

Another of the mentioned Fredy Castillo Carrillo aka Pinocchio was captured in Spain on January 22, 2022.

In this case, EL TIEMPO determined that it would be desirable to clarify that he was a mediator put forward by the leaders of the Sierra Nevada and not by criminal organizations..

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lawyer, criminal Álex Fernández warned that Castillo said he was not charged, let alone convicted, and that it was a persecution. and an unusual return request.

“He was repeatedly asked to allow himself to defend himself,” the lawyer said. And added Castillo is not responsible for the crime of which he is accused or for conspiracy to commit crimes with mafia structures.: “She doesn’t even know Alejandro Llinás (dead man) and there is no gratuitous murder.”

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as he said, His client threatened him in Colombia and he went to Mexico, where he was granted refugee status.. He then went to Spain due to new threats.

List of ‘Pablo Escobar’ Completed by Agc president José Miguel Demoya aka Chirimoya; and Norberto Quiroga of Acsn, alias 5.5, He has 24 years of criminal records for disappearances, murders and drug trafficking. This is part of the peace table in ‘La Tramacúa’ prison.

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Now, The government is working on legal alternatives to confront the Attorney General’s position, supported by Washington, the Attorney General, the Office of the Ombudsman, and the Judicial Branch. A meeting between President Petro and Barbosa is scheduled for January 30 to discuss the matter.

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