Screenshots of: Conversation between Valentina Trespalacios and one of her friends. disclose information containing John Paulo. The messages are part of the investigation into the murder of the young DJ.

As the indictment against John Poulos progressed, videos and chats continue to be revealed From DJ Valentina Trespalacios’ last moments before she was murdered and dumped in a dumpster on January 22.

The last conversations the young woman had with her partner in the previous days were known; In these, Trespalacios told the stranger that he had no one else with him and that they would meet as agreed.

(Keep reading: Valentina Trespalacios conversations with John Poulos revealed)

“Who said I was going to the party, I made a video call, I’m at her house with Manuela, we went to a conference. marijuana And now, that’s all, there were more people, but I’m not with anyone, I don’t know where you got this from”, read in chat.

Confronted with this explanation, Poulos only responds with an “okay”.

(Also: Photos taken by Valentina’s iPhone, which Poulos sought protection).

EL TIEMPO’s Research Unit had exclusive access to some footage corresponding to a conversation between the young DJ and one of his friends. It refers to John Poulos.

Forensic technicians will be tasked with verifying the accuracy of these screenshots, which must have been taken from the cell phone of a friend of Valentina Trespalacios.


In the messages, Trespalacios will talk about his plans to marry Poulos and the type of relationship they have.

“That’s why she got so carried away,” her friend tells her, and Valentina says that was the idea, adding: “This person who wants to get married is a little bored because I’m not giving him a kiss or anything.”

Finally, the DJ mentions that the stranger said, “I know you don’t like me, you don’t have to pretend”.

In the screenshot, one is highlighted, but so far you can see both sounds. The information they contained was not disclosed.

(Also: ‘Los Motoladrones’ fell, hitting various parts of Bogotá).

The trial against John Poulos will continue at around 9 am this Tuesday.

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Pamela Avendano

Source: Exame

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