In Windows 10 you can set your default browser in a few clicks, but in Windows 11 there is something more important. The process has become less cumbersome since the recent Windows update. In this article, we explain how to set a default browser in Windows 11.

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If you have just installed Windows 11 on your computer, you cannot ignore Microsoft’s own browser, Edge. Although Edge runs on Google’s Chromium and therefore somewhat similar to Chrome, you may actually prefer to use Google’s browser. Or of course any of the other popular browsers.

that’s how you do it

To set a default browser in Windows 11, open the Settings app. You can do this directly using the Windows+i combination on your keyboard.

In settings go to: apps and click Default apps. In the search bar below Application Defaults Settings Search for your favorite browser like Chrome or Firefox. Can’t find the browser? You may not have installed the (correct) scanner on your computer yet. Try (re)loading the browser and see if you can find it in the list.

Once you find the browser, you will be taken to a window where you can set any default file or link type, including .htm, .html or .shtml. If you have selected Chrome, you will see the option at the top of the window. Set Google Chrome as your default browser. When you press the button set to default Click it and you will see all listed file and link types will open in Chrome by default.

You can set a default browser with the click of a button.

update windows

Chances are you haven’t downloaded the March Windows update (KB5011563 update) yet, so you won’t see the option to set the default browser. Then you only see an overview of all standard file or link types, so you have to specify which browser you want to open the file or link with, per type. And this is quite difficult.

So, update your computer to the latest Windows version and the problem should be resolved. An updated computer is also very safe!

Setting a default browser in Windows 10 works similarly. In the Settings app, go to: System / Default apps and choose internet browser in front of Chromium, Firefox or another browser.

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