Mhoni Vidente became very famous on social networks and on television with her predictions.because sometimes show business is usually right when they say about changes in the world and natural disasters like in Turkey and Syria.

In a television program recently, the woman commented that February will be an “earthquake month”, an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.6 to 7, and a harsh winter season will come.

On this occasion, Mhoni Vidente said that both positive and negative energies will exist in this month and produce significant changes. He also stated Next Monday will be an event that will change the world because something will change in politics and religion.

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“It will be February 13 a divine revelation for all humanity and the whole world. That Monday is such a powerful and positive energy all over the world that it will be like a revelation to be at peace,” he commented.

Likewise, on this date or the following days The Catholic religion would change completely because Pope Francis’ resignation would be known.It’s a topic that has been heard in the media for several months.


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