50 Euro discount on this powerful cordless vacuum cleaner

If you want to keep your floor free of dust and hair, this is the most recommended purchase option today.

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This cordless vacuum is the perfect complement to a robot vacuum cleaner to get where it can’t.

Of course, you receive frequent visitors to your home. In this case, you will be one of the likes. keep the house clean and tidy for visitors or for yourself. It is important to maintain proper home hygiene, especially for those allergic to dust. A cordless stick vacuum cleaner is the perfect complement to a robot vacuum cleaner and today we recommend it it goes down 199 149 Euros on Amazon.

No need to spend the 500-800 Euros a Dyson costs, Are there any alternatives to these high-end ones? Much cheaper than proscenic like this one. It is a cordless, powerful vacuum cleaner. large capacity and very light, for one-handed use if we want. It comes with a variety of accessories to reach corners you could never reach with a sled or robot.

Use the 50 euro coupon before adding the product to the cart.

native i10

Buy a powerful and cordless vacuum cleaner for only 149 euros

If you have a pet at home, I’m tired of having to vacuum so often. Skid-type vacuum cleaners are heavy, wired, but it should be said in their favor that they are more powerful than any cordless one. But if cleaning and sweeping is done almost daily, it’s better to use a cordless like this, it only weighs 1.5kg. You can use it like a handheld vacuum cleaner to clean the dust from curtains and blinds.

Vacuum cleaner for less than 150 euros (with offer) It has great suction power. We can choose between 3 power levels, but the highest of them all allows for suction. Up to 25,000 PA, this is ten times higher than that of a robot vacuum cleaner in the middle of the market. This equates to 380W of gross power. You can shoot your hair, pet hair, dust, dirt and even coffee beans and grains.

proscenic i10 control panel

The touch panel allows you to change the power and view the remaining battery.

It is very suitable for maintenance cleaning that we do every 2-3 days at home. Your battery gives us a maximum 50 minutes of autonomy, this is ideal for a house of about 100 m². Of course, if we want to reach maximum power, the autonomy will be reduced to 12 minutes. This maximum mode is suitable for use for: beautify your carpets once a week. The battery is removable and can be charged separately or integrated into the vacuum cleaner and suspended from its base.

One in the main item easy push trigger and a touch panel where we will see the assigned cleaning mode and remaining battery, it’s that simple. Your tank empties very easily.just press a button and the door will open and all the dirt will spill into the bin.

native i10

We have a very effective filtration system against allergens inside. Her filtering is done in 4 stages, passing through several filters. First, the filter stainless steel collects the largest particles; then filter sponge stays with the smaller ones; later, HEPA filter stays with 99.9% of bacteria; to finish cyclonic leak.

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